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Roland P. Young: News

Hear/Here Again - July 17, 2017

Hear/Here Review - July 17, 2017

HEAR/HERE New Music - July 9, 2017

Roland P. Young is back for for his fifth release on EM Records, back in the United States, back in San Francisco after sojourns in New York and Israel, back where he resided several decades ago. But despite all this talk of return, he continues to resolutely forge forward, combining his tradition-rooted horn mastery with an ever-expanding electronic palette, fusing wind with electricity, fusing American roots with an outward global vision. Recorded in his home studio, Young's expansive multi-instrumental mastery and studio skills have created a dense yet uplifting set of tunes, very melodic and groovy with a joyful sense of return and renewal. Roland is here. Hear it on vinyl or CD Tracks:
1. A Monologue
2. Henceforth
3. You Are
4. Another Bright Day
5. Beaches
6. Never Stop
7. Morning Movements
8. Velvet
9. Liquidisms
10. Water for Life

Roland P. Young [ Hear/Here ] LP [EM1164LP]

Confluences - March 12, 2015

Confluences Revew - March 12, 2015

Japan's Koki Emura (Em Records bossman) is an incorrigible reissuer, putting out obscure and hard-to-find gems from all corners of the globe and with a distinctly elegant presentation every time. Experimental jazz musician Roland P Young has been at the centre of the Em catalogue, boasting a whopping three LPs for the label already and he's back on the map this time with a stunning new full-length of improv, experimentation and that usual charm. Apart from Isophonic Boogie Woogie, this might well be Young's craziest work to be featuring on Mr.Emura's catalogue, where brash and deranged percussion meet gorgeous acoustic treatment the whole way through. "Parenthetically", for example, could almost be played in an electronic DJ set. Highly recommended.

Confluences, Roland P. Young's latest LP/CD/MP3 was just released - March 10, 2015

Roland P Young - Confluences
Remarkable, transcendent new recordings by dextrous multi-instrumentalist Roland P. Young, his 4th LP for Japan's EM Records. Created in 2014 after a move to Tel Aviv, 'Confluences' marks a new phase in Young's oeuvre, with a title both signifying the cultural blend of his new home region, and his ability to naturally comprovise disparate musical influence and textures - clarinet, bass clarinet, kalimba, NAF flute, keyboard, voice and electronic accoutrements. Blending properly rugged but smartly reduced rhythms with pensile synthlines and minimal acoustic phrasing, it's possible to draw a clear line between this sound and the meld of early machine funk and new age memes in his 1980 LP, 'Isophonic Boogie Woogie' or 1987's 'Hearsay Evidence'. But what's really getting us is how fresh, yet out-of-time-and-place, this record sounds: opening pair 'Clutch' and 'Estimationism' feels like a synthesis of alien Afro-Jazz and 'Cichli Suite'-era Æ, while the dubbed-out industro drums and marimbas and celestial flutes of 'Late Afternoon Light' recall lysergic Finnish folk music, and 'The Light of Night' could almost be a premonition of the forthcoming Jamal Moss and Arkestra collaboration. It's a real thing of wonder. Warmest recommendations.

New Music - Mystiphonic - April 28, 2013

'Mystiphonic' is the fruit of two years of recordings at Young's Isophonic Sound Laboratory in Brooklyn, featuring 'comprovisations' which are more electronic than the previous EM releases, and yet this new CD retains Young's emotional life-long horn playing, a romance which began in his youth in Kansas City. Also carrying on from previous releases is the all-encompassing warmth and organic/oceanic feeling of Young's music, a rootedness that has been present since his early exposure to Charlie Parker, on through his San Francisco years and ever forward, linking past, present and future through deep American soil to his world-embracing current music, all united
through his "Isophonic" philosophy. The 'Mystiphonic' blend of electronics, percussion and horns is one of subtle beauty, sure to please Young's fans while attracting new admirers.

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